I’m stuck in a pixel RPG!


Chapter 1


Sunrise building, Tokyo.

The moon hung high in the night sky of the bustling city of Tokyo behind the numerous dark clouds in the sky. Rather than stars, the only lights that could be seen were those in the city, on the ground. It was raining very hard outside of the building, the raindrops falling desperately from the sky as the clock hit midnight.


Our company was a branch of The Seven Stars, the largest organization in Japan. The Seven Stars reach extends out as far as the eye can see, holding power in all aspects of industry, from automobiles to electronics. Our company, following the hit success of our previous game Legend of Asterisk, had just begun to work on The Chronicles and had proceeded into the pre developmental stages.


I was working into the night when I looked and saw the time.


I didn’t use to stay in the office this late, but our main story writer, Aozora Kisami, disappeared about 2 weeks ago. He always was a tad eccentric. After informing the staff that he was leaving on a trip to do research for the storyboard, he was never heard from again. We tried search for him, but he left without a trace. After sitting at  my work table for hours, looking for clues that he might have left behind, I grew tired and decided to take a break.


Stretching my arms with a yawn, I grabbed another cup of coffee to stave off my weariness.


“Oh gosh~ I am so tired… I think I need more coffee…”


After I got my coffee, I went straight back to my work desk. As I sat there, I thought about whether or not I should play latest build that the developer team completed this morning.


“Hm…come to think it I never got to try the game out during development” I mused to myself as I opened the game file on the company’s computer, “I guess I can take a little peek into the game before it’s done.”


Pulling up the game, I began completing the major questline.Even with the game still riddled with bugs, and poor textures, the effort everyone put in the game was already beginning to shine through.


“Wow, Kisami-san, you really did a really good job on the story. I’m impressed. …Even though you ran off to who knows where.”

After spending much time playing the game, I finally realized that I should be getting home.


While playing, I came across a branching point in the game where the main character had to make a decision. There were three choices. I could rescue the villager from the monster, ignore the villager and the monster, or rescue the villager on my own. Not understanding what the game meant by “on my own,” my curiosity overcame me and I clicked the last choice.

Then my computer screen got brighter and brighter until that I couldn’t see a thing. I shut my eyes tightly, hurting from the bright light.


When I opened my eyes, I found myself sprawled out on a the ground and all I could see was the vast blue sky, fluttering white clouds and the blinding sun. I quickly sat up, shaking my head as I looked around my surroundings. There were mountains, not skyscrapers. It was day, not night. In fact, there was nothing familiar in sight.


“Oh, I see…I’m dreaming right? This can’t be real… I was in Tokyo earlier! Well, I just need to lie down for a bit, and this dream will be over.”


I laid down on the grass for a few minutes before I realized that I couldn’t wake up from this dream. Shaking my head in denial, I sat up again and looked at the ground, feeling the smooth texture of the grass in shock.


“EH?! W-what’s going on…Why I can’t wake up??!” I cried aloud, hoping that everything was all just a lucid dream.


Then, I started to hearing loud noises around me that sounded like the clashing of swords, I looked up in the sky again, stumbling to my feet to get a better view, and saw someone shaped like human with wings and someone wearing an armor like a knight


“What is that up in the sky?”


I stood there in shock. They were fighting, and I just stood there, watching the two figures duke it out.


Their blades hit each other with sparks sent flying. Every move looked planned, and neither was giving the other any ground. Their attacks seemed to send shockwaves through the air, but there was no way that could have been real. I tried to deny what was right in front of my eyes, an absurd battle in the sky that looked like it came right out of an action movie.


Taking a step back, I took an apprehensive gulp as I tore my eyes away from the battle.


“I need to get out here as soon as possible!”


It seemed as if the winged humanoid heard me. Before I could react, the man flew over and tackled me, pushing me to the ground.


“ARGH!!!  LET ME GO!!!”


“GRHHH, STAND STILL YOU HUMAN!!” The captor hissed fiercely.


“Let her go, shinigami! She is not your enemy! I am!”


“You think I’ll let her go that easily?!”




“Shinigami, if you let go of her, I will give you the orb, as long as you do not harm her in the process.”


“Fool, you really think I want that stinking orb?”


“No no no, what I want is for you to be dead, the orb is worth nothing compared to the bounty on your head.“


“Well, I guess I have no choice. Young maiden, I apologize for this in advance.”




As soon as the words reached my ears, the demon’s head separated from the rest of its body. Blood stained the only belonging I had left, my clothing.


“In the end he still died like a dog.”Sheathing his sword, my savior extended a hand towards me.


“Hey lady, you OK?”


I was too shock to answer my whole body was numb I can’t even move on my own.


“Um… Hello?” No response. “Hello? You there?”


Then my own mouth just start to yell at him.




“Well first he just try kill you, second I just saved your ass lady so don’t fucking yell at me alright?”


“I got everything under control, I don’t need your help mister, who ever you are”


“So being taken hostage is having everything under control now? Also, screaming ‘HELP ME PLEASE!!!’ me and you’re fine right.”


“Well screaming just part of my plan I was going hit in stomach then push him away for you to strike him, that’s exactly what was I going to do~”


“Are for you real lady?  Did you get your head hit by a rock or something?”


“First of all stop calling me ‘lady’ alright my name is Hanabi Kisuna, and second can you possibly tell me where the hell am I, third of all what do you mean i was my head hit by a rock ?”


“Ok then miss kisuna the land you’re standing on right now are called ‘The great war field’ and the place you are at is ‘Excelcia’ and do have any idea who that was? One of the greatest bounty hunter right there”


“Well not so great anymore”


Then I was shock to remember by the name Excelcia.


“Wait did you just say Excelcia one of the great seven floating islands?!”


“Um… Yes”


As was then I realize that i have been somehow transport myself into the game itself while am playing it.


“So yea you got it, i need to go now see around lady”


As soon as he said he just fly up in the sky slowly move away from me.


“Hey get back here! I still need to talk to you vigilon!”


While he was flying far away from me, he heard me saying his name out loud he immediately turn back around look at me very surprise that I know his name.


“How do you know my name?”


“Well you’re one of the great legendary heroes from the chronicles off crouse”


Vigilon immediate fly back down stand in front of Harumi face look very serious at Harumi.



“I ask you again Kisuna Harumi how do you know my name?”


“Well…you’re very famous, everybody knows you I mean you are likely everyone favorite character from anime, manga even games.”


“What do you mean by that? I don’t understand a single words you’re saying right now”


“OK I’ll explain to you as soon we find a safe place to stay for the night alright?”


“Fine we can head to one of my comrade stay for the night we’ll be safe there, then you’re going explain every single thing you know got it?”


“You got yourself a deal vigilon-san”


“Alright hop on back and hold me tight”


Then harumi jump on vigilon back, Vigilon took of like a jet with his super flying sonic speed skill.




“Why not? If we don’t get there fast by sun down   another bounty hunter will find me”


“I think i’m going to be sick!”


“Not to worry we will be there soon so hang on.”


Vigilon start speed up, eventually they made it before sun down.


“Alright we made it Kisuna-san”


When Harumi jump down from Vigilon back she immediately thrown up.


“Kisuna-san are you alright?”


“Yea…can you give me a second please?”


“Sure…take your time Kisuna-san is fine”


After a couple of minutes pass Harumi finally done with her thrown up business.


“Kisuna-san are you done?”


“Yea…I need..some rest a little bit then I’ll be fine”


“You look not so good actually”


Vigilon knock on one of his comrade door




“Hey Alicia, is been a while”


“Vig-san is really been a long time since the great war between the devil king”


“Who is your little friend back there Vig?”


“Oh her let’s just say she a friend of mine”


“Well come on in you guys don’t want to catch a cold now”


“Thank you letting us stay here for a night Alicia”


“Thank you”


“You’re most welcome and what is your name?”


“Please to meet you my name is Kisuna Harumi”


“Nice to meet you my name is Alicia Angel”


“You guys can sit right here on the couch while I get some hot tea for you guys alright?”


“Sure go ahead Alicia thank you”


As soon as Alicia walk in the kitchen Vigilon immediately look at me and want some answer from me


“Alright, Kisuna Harumi, a deal is a deal now tell me what do you about me?”


“Okay where to start… Hm… You have a very sad backstory about yourself Vigilon-san. You used to live in a village called ‘Shinato’ with your parents with a lot of friends around you. Then, one day there was a huge group of the royal knights that came to your village and killed every single one of them. You were helpless. You were too weak back then to try and stop them from killing your parents and everyone else around you. They died in front of your eyes and while you helplessly cried out for help. Through some miracle you managed to escape from the village and run into the forest, but the captain of the royal knights saw you run into the forest and chased after you, kidnapping you and bringing you back to his home. How do I say this? The captain saw you as the chosen one because you were the only one to escape from the village so he started to train you like crazy and raised you like his own son. And not so long after he told you truth about who was making the call on slaughtering the people from the Shinato village. It was the king himself ordered the royal knights to do it when you know about the truth you try to assassinate the king to get revenge for what he done but unfortunately you fail and been put in jail for death sentence but then the captain risk his own life to save you then year pass you form a team with seven people in it call ‘The Chronicles’ after that The great war began battle with devil king you have no choice to team up with the king defeat Satan then after the great war was done Satan was defeated your team go on their own ways”


“Kisuna-san after hearing you say all of that I totally want to kill you”


“EH?! Why?!”


“But I won’t do that because you haven’t told me why you tell me this world is a game and am everyone favorite character”


“Yea about that I think you definitely not going to believe me”


“Why can I not?  After hearing you tell all about my life line is not possible to believe you now”


As soon I was about to explain to him all the light of the candles in the house turn out there’s only darkness around us.

“Vigilon-san, where are you? I’m afraid of the dark!”



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